We're all here Together in this Spirit Family.

Greetings soul family from Sacred India
Time for a check in as it’s been
11 days since I arrived in the motherland
It feels like I’ve been here for months already
and I’ve personally gone through so much
From the pure joy of ecstatic chanting and dancing in the streets and temples of Puri to experiencing the tug of war of my own mind
Such it is when your visiting sacred places with sacred people
Their pure vibration or reflection offers a window into our lives and It lets us see deeper as to how we’re living
We get to see both the good and bad
This is always Medicine not always easy to digest but always an opportunity to grow and purify
I’m so grateful to be traveling in such beautiful company with learned scholars and devoted Bhakti’s
There’s so much New information and experience happening as I’m being showered in this waterfall of Bhakti
I look forward to returning home and sharing this beautiful love
Our first stop was The city Jagannath Puri
This place is vibrating so high in the spirit world
This where Lord Chaitanya brought chanting the holy names of god to the streets and made it available everyone. This was completely revolutionary. Before it was only available to the Brahman Priests
Now anyone can chant to god in the streets
This is such a gift for us
We know this in the USA and around the world from the Hare Krishna’s who have kept this sacred wisdom alive
Mostly people see it as crazy because it’s so different but if we looked beyond that difference we would see such a pure bonafide spiritual teaching guiding us back to the divine love of god
One of the photos shows a huge flag from the temple we found walking at the ocean for sunrise doing morning Prayers by chanting the holy name.
The brothers gave the flag to me and thought I could best put it to use
I will send the flag home to fly above the
I ❤️Yoga Studio
This flag was atop the sacred Jagannath temple in Puri. A young priest climbs the dome of the temple which stands as tall as a 45 story building and changes the flag everyday since 1800 years as a part of a ritual.
Now as I write
I am currently at the Govardhan Eco Village a few hours from Mumbai
This Govardhan Eco village is so magical
The quantity of people here is so divine
Everyone is so alive and glowing with love and knowledge and wisdom of the yogic Arts, Music, Prayers,
Everyone is serving god and serving each other
I’m Soaking in the daily rituals and wonderful connections with nature this community offers
I feel like a small child amongst these great souls
Daily talks with spiritual masters
Learning about sustainability
Hearing the pastimes of Krishna
And stories of great saints
It’s all so alive in this land and so surreal
I love Spending time with the sacred cows that are treated with so much respect
They are so beautiful
The cows are so loving and are considered family
Dear lord I long to know and love you more deeply
I long to serve you by serving others
Please show me the path to follow
Thank you for awakening the love of god in my heart
“Everyone is yearning for the love of god
Some don’t realize that they are
But everyone is”