Your Hosts

Meet Moses Love~Moses is super welcoming while creating a safe, loving space to heal and awaken your authentic self. Teaching yoga since 2002. Moses has a degree in Thai Massage from Int’l Thai Massage (Chiang Mai, Thailand). He’s also the founder of i❤️Yoga Brand Apparel ‪‬ and I ❤️Yoga Studio & Healing Center. He is currently on tour Sharing Yoga, Sound Healing, Kirtan & Discover Your Voice workshops. His inspiration is drawn from the infinite well of divine love; devoting his life to sharing this timeless message.

This is mufyn love.  She is the maker, baker and shaker at YouEnjoyMyVegan.  You may know her from feeding you vegan Phili Chzsteaks on a lot near you.  She became a vegan nearly 25 years ago and honed her vegan cooking skills in Natural Food Cafes, Health Food Stores and Festivals around the country.  Yes, mufyn loves the animals, but she really loves the food. 

Mufyn also has a clothing, accessories and home goods line.  You can find it online,  at the next PhanArt and sometimes (if you are lucky) on lot.

YEMV - YouEnjoyMyVegan

If you would like to check out some of the yummy things you might be eating please check out her insta @ youenjoymyvegan

Say Hello to Max.  Also known as Jerimiah.  He is the conductor of all things Helping and Friendly.  An artist and craftsman by trade, Max makes sure everything is put together, running smoothly and looks great Taboot!

Max has been practicing QiGong for the past seven years and is a practitioner of Zero Balance Alignment, a body-mind therapy that uses touch to bring balance to body structure and energy.